10 Mistakes Home Sellers Can Avoid

Want to sell your house in Chicago? Before you take those decisions that can mar your sales process, take your time to read this article. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

#1 – Not Exploring Options

What works for one property seller may not work for you. Learn to look beyond what is available to you. You can choose to sell your house to a company, an investor or professional property buyer like Houseo. Be in control!

#2 – Ignorant Pricing

One of the biggest mistakes home sellers can avoid is an over inflated price. Some agents will convince you to list your house at a very price, so they can hit a higher commission.

#3 – Not Clearing Out Your Personal Items

You do not want buyers to see your stuff littered around the house. We suggest you store your personal items at an offsite facility or hire a staging company to help you. A clean house has a higher chance of selling fast.

#4 – Not Considering All Costs

You need to consider all cost attached to selling a house such as, agent fees, commissions, marketing costs and closing costs. You can avoid these outrageous fees when you sell directly to a private buyer like houseo LLC.

#5 – Not Making the Needed Repairs

Taking care of needed repairs in your own home will save you money and time on the long run. There is no running away from those repairs. However, you simply choose to sell your house as-is to houseo LLC.

#6 – Not Disclosing Items Upfront

These items will come back to bite you. Either in the inspection or when the new owner sues you. By law, you have to disclose what you know about the property.

#7 – Not Putting Away Pet & Kid Stuff

While kids and pets are wonderful, not everyone has them. Some people will feel a little uncomfortable if there are chew toys on the couch or legos all over the floor. Remember, the experience is about them. Make the areas feel neutral but welcoming.

#8 – Not Putting Personal Feelings Aside

This is business. If someone comes to view your house and you hear them say they want to pull out the garden to add a deck, don’t get too hung up on it if they plan on paying you the price you want. While you might feel a little sad, this is business, and missing out on a qualified buyer because of something petty can be a huge mistake.

#9 – Hiring A Bad Agent

It can be easy to hire the wrong agent. Some are full of charm and are great at sales. This is great when they are trying to sell your house, but they also use this charm to get you to sign with them. Make sure they aren’t making false promises or are only worried about their commission. You can look at reviews, but it is best to hear first-hand experience from people you know and trust. You simply aren’t going to click with everyone either. You might find the top agent in town can be incredibly stressful to work with.

#10 – Not Calling houseo LLC First

houseo LLC will provide you with the information you need to help you decide how to sell your house. There is never any pressure to sell or obligation when you give us a call. As professional Chicago investors, we want to work with you to help you make smart decisions about how to sell!

Are you ready to sell a house in Chicago? We can help! Send us a message or give us a call today! 224-306-9359

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