How to Sell Your House Fast for Cash

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Selling a house can be a stressful and painstaking ordeal. From time-consuming planning to costly expenses, selling your home can be one of the worst experiences of your life. But, with one phone call or a visit to the houseo™ website, you could instantly feel all of that anxiety and stress melt away.

Just think, no messy evictions, no commissions, no fees, no banks, and no repairs – just cash for houses and answers to sticky house selling situations.

Forget about lengthy negotiation processes, fixing up your property, managing open houses and showings, dealing with banks and buyer financing, or even messing around with cranky tenants. Plus, no one knows the local area better than we do, and the process is simple and free.


Yes, free !!!


  1. Simply fill out the form below with your property info, and it will all securely be sent to us at houseo™. We will research your specific situation and then follow up with a phone call to further discuss your options.

Simply fill out the form below !
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  1. We will then set up a tour of your property as is (no repairs necessary). And, after a brief visual inspection, we may offer you cash on the spot or elect to do some more research into the situation. Either way, we can typically close within 24 hours to 7 days.
  2. Finally, you will receive a fair cash offer for your property, and, if you accept, paperwork is then forged by our attorney or title company and everyone signs it. Then, you get your cash!  That’s it. It is that simple.

Houseo™ Works with Homeowners

Each situation is different, though, and houseo™ gets it. Some homeowners have great tenants, some can’t evict bad ones, and others grew up in their homes they are selling. Therefore, we work with each seller individually to ensure the best possible outcome for all parties.

Plus, let’s face it. No one likes extra fees, and real estate agents raise your asking price by six to ten percent.

Moreover, banks can take forever to provide adequate financing, not to mention they involve the insurance company and all of the hassles that come with it.


Cut out the middleman by calling 224-306-9359 or fill out the form below to finally answer the question, “how do I sell my house fast for cash?”

Illinois and Indianapolis Homes and Surrounding

Houseo™ services select cities in illinois and indiana. If you need your home to be sold fast, we will give you a fair cash value and take the headache out of the sales process. Unlike other companies that buy houses in our niche and wholesale your property to other investors, all houses bought by houseo are kept as an investment.

Maybe you are going through a divorce, facing foreclosure, or relocating to a bigger home and better job. Well, then, you have enough to think about. Why not cut out the banks, the real estate agents, the fees, and the tenants? Then let houseo™ do all of the heavy-lifting for you.

Life is Messy, Fix it with Cash

life gets messy
No need to worry, Contact houseo™ and sell fast !

Look, life is messy. But one thing remains constant through it all: cash. So, if you’ve inherited an unwanted family home, or you are sick of maintaining that rental property, turn it into fast cash to pay for medical bills, back taxes, or college tuition.

Plus, houseo™ buys properties in any condition. Fixer-uppers – no problem. Fire damage – forget about it.

No matter the situation or the condition, we will make you an offer on your home and help you take control of your property situation.


Simply fill out the form below, and houseo™ will not only make recommendations, take care of all property repairs, and manage the living situation, but you will also receive cash on top of it all.

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The Process is 100% Free

Seriously, we are talking about a no-risk offer here. Rid yourself of the headache of selling your own home by simply filling out the short form  or call 224-306-9359.

The experts at houseo™ will carefully evaluate your individual situation and help you to make sense of it all. Then, we will present not one but all of your options for you to choose your plan.

We will do this with zero fees, zero hassles, and zero obligation to you.  As the home buyer, we will never pressure you or tell you what you should do. We will simply give you suggestions and offer you a fair cash value for your home. And that’s it!


Find the answer to one of life’s biggest questions: “how do I sell my house fast?” Call houseo™ now at 224-306-9359.

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